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JFL: Not Your Ordinary Bookkeeping Company!

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Despite being aware that hiring a bookkeeper would greatly benefit any business to help owners better understand their finances and guide them to the right direction, a lot of business owners still feel less inclined to hire an in-house bookkeeper and have their books done properly because an employee costs thousands of dollars. Depending on the budget of the business, the owner might get stuck with someone that's just starting and could only provide light bookkeeping for the company and not help forecast and drive his/her company to a better financial future.

On the bright side, the digital age continues to bring Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) countless opportunities that shouldn’t be missed and that could be used to their advantage.

JFL Bookkeeping Remedies and Consultation is managed by a daughter and mother tandem: Julienne Lintag and Faye Gentile based in Los Angeles, California. Julienne founded the company with the vision of providing bookkeeping services and financial guidance to businesses ranging from small to medium-sized businesses.

Bookkeeping is not just punching in numbers anymore and reconciling bank accounts. JFL offers a lot of other services in their arsenal to better help their clients achieve a better financial future, not just for their business, but also for their families, which are accounting, payroll services, job costing, group benefits, cash flow management, retirement planning, emergency fund, personal finance, just to name a few.

JFL adjusts to this digital era of doing business by also using online accounting softwares that will make it easy and secure for their clients when they share access to their account’s data remotely. And for the business owners that only have applications such as Quickbooks Desktop, JFL also sets up ways to serve them. Setting up an appointment is made fast and easy with reliable and accessible technology during these transitioning times.

Following are the services rendered by JFL:

Business Services:

- Small to Medium-Sized Business Accounting

- QuickBooks Set-Up/Tune-Up (or other accounting software)

- Job Costing

- Bookkeeping Clean Up

- Payroll Services

- Accounts Payables and Receivables

- Tax Planning

- Strategic Business Planning

- Group Benefits (Health, Life, Retirement)

- Cash Flow Management

- Worker's Company Insurance

- Etc.

Personal Services:

- Retirement Planning

- Emergency Fund

- Personal Finance Planning & Advising

- Living Trust (to be done by Paralegal)

- Wealth Management Planning

- Rollover Retirement Accounts

- Life & Health Insurances

- Etc.

The "Herstory"

The mother and daughter tandem have clients in various industries such as construction, real estate, retail and information technology.

The tandem has a combined industry experience of more than 15 years. The founder, Julienne, is also a licensed life and health insurance agent. She is strongly driven to make a long-term commitment and make the most out of it through JFL as a way of giving back to her. She had always dreamt of leading and managing her own company, and now that it has all come true, she’s not losing the opportunity to make the most of it. Just like any other business, all it took was a vision and determination to gain the necessary progress in achieving it. And now, it lives the days of its success and growth.

Digital Bookkeeping

As previously stated, JFL chooses to operate digitally which would make things easier for them and their clients to communicate with each other, access their client’s accounts remotely, and have their client’s confidential accounts shared securely with them since papers have the tendency to get lost or stolen.

This also enables JFL to get a wider reach to people online so that they could get clients from the business’ online exposure more than what traditional advertising could do and cost. This is the main reason why despite residing in Los Angeles, JFL continues to have clients from coast to coast -- from California all the way to Florida. Not bad, right? It's certainly better than traditional bookkeeping that is purely relying on the old ways in times like these, most especially with COVID-19 business restrictions of operation. Thus, JFL strives to learn the market, advance and innovate whilst taking advantage of the fact that the business could reach out to more people who are in need, not just with clients.

What more can you ask for? Apparently, you can. There’s more to JFL than what meets the eye.

The Community

JFL’s more than just your seemingly ordinary independent bookkeeping company. What makes this small firm stand out from the rest is that their intentions, commitments, and productivity lie not just with the bookkeeping service, but with the community that the owner intends to build along the way.

As she lives by her own personal values and ideals successfully, she doesn’t just aim for JFL to render regular and expected bookkeeping services, but to reflect and uphold her vision, mission and advocacies that creates a safe and warm online community for the general public to be enlightened about financial education, planning and advice, like the essentials of saving money and basic information that could be beneficial for anyone’s daily expenses through articles and blogs.

On the fun side and to lighten the mood, JFL envisions its business to be fun alongside being professional, from posting motivational and inspiring quotes, to humorous but relatable and timely cartoons that help enlighten the general public’s understanding of bookkeeping, along with its definition and importance.

JFL as the business owner's co-pilot

Through the community that JFL decides to build, the company sees an opportunity to also cater to SMEs. Along with the day-to-day challenges of handling a business, any business owner would need an extra hand in their company’s business functions, financial guidance, and financial assistance that would help ensure making better financial decisions for the company’s long-term growth vision. Bookkeeping itself helps turn all data, like charts, graphs, and reports into meaningful financial information that addresses and aids the company’s financial health.

Owners can focus on running their businesses to make more money whilst delegating the task of accounting responsibilities to their bookkeepers, thus having a bookkeeper is considerably essential nowadays for better function. Carrying the founder’s values, JFL wants to be able to help small businesses to flourish, in turn, serving as the business owner’s “financial co-pilot”, creating order amidst the chaos. Considering how JFL has handled different kinds of businesses before, they are knowledgeable enough that they carry an in-depth understanding about each of their client’s business struggles that they know exactly what’s best for their business.

In conclusion...

It is clear that through digital bookkeeping, JFL would have a huge market, from prospective clients that need business assistance to the general public. This gives JFL the ultimate leverage if it were to reach out to thousands of thousands aspiring people online and provide them with educational and motivational content within their community. JFL took the opportunity of letting its business flourish along with its clients and audience as everybody stays well-informed about the bookkeeping industry through digital means.

The founder believes that regardless of owning a business that is seemingly generic, there’s no excuse to let it stay that way when the business stands out amongst the companies in the same field.

With its continuous innovation and dedication, JFL will surely go the distance!

The JFL community is set to release during the holidays.

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